Constant Software Improvement
Oct 28, 2010

When your software product is launched it seems like you can sit back and relax. But let me tell you - that's the wrong impression. To release a product is to have only a half job done. Your main interest is to make it reliable and improve it to satisfy constant growing customer needs. The competition on software market is ruff and demands product orientation towards customer expectations. That's why you should always improve your software.

Little Known Way to Improve Your Web Application
Oct 26, 2010

You can spend months or years developing what you think to be the most powerful and useful application. But when you're done you can find out, to your total surprise, that it's actually not as demanded by users as you expected it to be. That's when you start wondering what's going wrong. Maybe users don't quite understand how to use it? Or it's difficult for them to navigate? Will they come back and use it again? That's the questions each developer should ask himself before launching any web application.

Customer Feedback Service as Effective Method for Beta Testing Software
Oct 25, 2010

Feedback is one of the best option you have for improving the quality of your site or product. It's a great way to find out about your customers needs and drawbacks of your software.

Importance of Constant Website Improvement with Help of Users Feedback
Oct 20, 2010

Website is a great way to represent your business online. No matter whether it's an online store, service or a website which represents what your organization deals with. It grants you better visibility as long as it is interesting for the target audience. It demands constant efforts on your side regardless whether you have just launched it or it's been around for 5 or more years already.

But what if everything seems to be working right but users still come and go, not performing any actions you expect them to? Let's try and look for the answer together. Put yourself in the place of the customer and test the website.

Beta Stage of Product Development Will Give You No Trouble with BetaEasy
Oct 12, 2010

Everybody who deals with development of website, service of some kind or other resources has experience with the beta stage of product development. This stage is quite essential as you have to test the product thoroughly before it gets to the end-user. To fix the majority of bugs and provide the use with functionality he expects the product to have. It time consuming and takes a lot of efforts.

Efficient Users' Feedback Management
Oct 6, 2010

The art of communication can not be perceived by everyone. Sometimes there's big difference between what is said and what was meant. We are not always able to listen and understand what is really being said. As a result, it leads to misunderstanding. To avoid that we need to take some efforts and try our best to interpret the words in a right way. We need to learn how that should be done as communications is an integral part of our everyday life.

Effective communication
is essential for successful business. Feedback from potential users and current customers plays an important role in creating and maintaining a business. When you listen to your customer you can find out many interesting things about what he actually needs.