Constant Software Improvement
Oct 28, 2010

When your software product is launched it seems like you can sit back and relax. But let me tell you - that's the wrong impression. To release a product is to have only a half job done. Your main interest is to make it reliable and improve it to satisfy constant growing customer needs. The competition on software market is ruff and demands product orientation towards customer expectations. That's why you should always improve your software.

To ensure you go with the times you should follow the changes of user's needs. Because there always be someone out there who will be eager to meet their needs halfway if you won't. So, having this in mind, it's time to act. Where to start? As I said before, customers feedback is your key point.

In order to organize customer feedback efficiently you will need some help. There's a number of services which offer what you're looking for - convenient feedback management. All you have to do is choose. Here's about one of them - BetaEasy. It's software beta and customer feedback management service. BetaEasy grants full feedback management and control as all of it is centralized in one place.

To establish the relationships with your customers and get their feedback on your product on the regular basis you can do the following:

  • Place feedback button on your website or integrate it with your software
  • This will make it pretty easy for users whenever they see a bug or want to request a feature
  • Communicate with the contributors
  • You have to show your customers that their opinion really matters and you're going to consider their suggestions when making changes in your software
  • Follow top bugs/features
  • It makes it quite easy for you to set the priorities and act accordingly: implement most wanted features, fix most urgent bugs, etc.
  • Follow top contributors
  • Encourage those who contribute most actively. Different options are possible, depending on what's relevant to you. You may offer discounts, free downloads, free accounts, etc. Depends on you.

This is very trendy nowadays SaaS (Software as a service) model, which means the software is delivered over the Internet. The service is really flexible and can be integrated with any software despite the programming language. BetaEasy allows you to form a community of users who will vote on submitted bugs and features, thus defining the top ones.

When you implement something like this in few months the changes will be obvious. Users appreciate when their opinion counts and, in their turn, will assist you with further software product development and improvement. Establish good relations with your customers and this will pay back to you shortly!
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