Efficient Users' Feedback Management
Oct 6, 2010

The art of communication can not be perceived by everyone. Sometimes there's big difference between what is said and what was meant. We are not always able to listen and understand what is really being said. As a result, it leads to misunderstanding. To avoid that we need to take some efforts and try our best to interpret the words in a right way. We need to learn how that should be done as communications is an integral part of our everyday life.

Effective communication
is essential for successful business. Feedback from potential users and current customers plays an important role in creating and maintaining a business. When you listen to your customer you can find out many interesting things about what he actually needs.

There are many options available to help you manage users feedback effectively. When you surf the web you can see a number of online services which offer you convenient feedback management centralized in one place. Majority of them also offers to simplify software testing, web application and website testing. How can such services help you with handling users feedback?

Let's take a closer look at one of them - BetaEasy, customer feedback and beta management service. Though it's relatively new to the market it has a lot to offer. This service enables you to form the community of users who will serve as testers of your project (software/application/website whatsoever). When testing your project they leave feedback: submit bugs, suggest features, etc. Users can vote on what they consider to be most important. Thus, you can easily see where to start.

BetaEasy offers very flexible project policy. You can set privacy degree yourself. The project can be:

  • Public - tested by anyone who feels like it
  • Moderated - the group of testers is selected based on some criteria
  • Private - only people invited by project owner or manager can test it

To great extend users will be able to solve some of the problems via BetaEasy community forums. This saves time of support staff and your money. Besides, you won't have to collect customers feedback from various sources: e-mails sent to you, submitted support tickets, etc. It will be collected at one place.

Establishing good relationships not only helps to see whether you're heading in the right direction but also contributes to constant product improvement. Certainly, if you take advantage of your customers opinion and act accordingly to their most contributed requests. This is a way for your business to become successfull through increased sales rates and loyal customers. As high-quality product which is exactly what the user needs leads to customer satisfaction and that, in its turn, to obtaining a loyal customer and repeated sales. For more details visit: www.betaeasy.com
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