Here Is a New Customer Feedback Service to Discover How Your Software Products Should Be Improved
Nov 16, 2010

Is your website or software product the best in the market? Are your competitors thinking of improvising their products based on yours? Can your product become number 1 in a very less time? These are some questions that hover the mind of the owner of a website, software application or any desktop application. And the answers to these questions simply lie in one fact: receiving constant customer feedback to make changes to the product and to know the exact position of your product in the market. This is when BetaEasy pitches in.

Get Constant Customer Feedback with BetaEasy - Feedback Management Service
Nov 9, 2010

Taking into consideration the oversaturation (abundance) of the market with e-tailers offering all possible goods and services it's very difficult to make your business competitive in such circumstances. Most business owners are concerned about how to make their business more attractive for potential customers. Best way to do it is ask them. It's the most simple way to find out what your customers want from your service or product.

Use Сustomer Feedback to Discover the Needs of Your Customer Before Someone Else Does
Nov 2, 2010

According to statistics more than half of the customers who leave your website not performing any actions you expect them to is because they don't see your interest in their opinions and needs. This may sound quite surprising for you but it's true. The competition at present times is very ruff. I bet you can't afford to lose customers or ignore their needs. Quite the opposite, you should try your best to make the business competitive, more efficient and successful. You have to offer something that will make you stand out against the others.