Use Сustomer Feedback to Discover the Needs of Your Customer Before Someone Else Does
Nov 2, 2010

According to statistics more than half of the customers who leave your website not performing any actions you expect them to is because they don't see your interest in their opinions and needs. This may sound quite surprising for you but it's true. The competition at present times is very ruff. I bet you can't afford to lose customers or ignore their needs. Quite the opposite, you should try your best to make the business competitive, more efficient and successful. You have to offer something that will make you stand out against the others.

You should concentrate on building good long-lasting relationships with your customers. Certainly you need to make everything possible to gain new clients. But what's more important is to satisfy the needs of customers you do have. It's much more efficient to have returning customers who are eager to purchase additional products and recommend you to others.

Sophisticated business owners realize that an investment in customer feedback and retention is an investment in the long term business success and growth. In order to do it effectively you need to manage your customers feedback in a smart way. Stop getting it from different sources. Rather than that keep it centralized all in one place. There is a number of web services which are ready to assist you with effective feedback management.

One of them is BetaEasy - online service developed as customer feedback and beta management service. It's offered as "software as a service" which means you won't have to download or install anything. Free accounts are available as well as commercial ones (with advanced features). BetaEasy collects the feedback in one place, enables to form the community of users, allows to vote on bugs and features, etc. This service can be easily integrated with any website/software/web application regardless of programming language and shopping cart type.

You will know for sure what's bothering your customers, what they don't like about your product and what features they would want it to have. main thing is that you not only get familiar with users needs but act upon their requests and try to satisfy them.

Whatever you do it is most essential that customer satisfaction remains a priority. After all, it's them you develop your product for. They will make the decision is it worth to spend their money on what you're offering. Due to the studies - good customer relations influence the decision more than product's price. If your businesses will be among those that continue to value the opinions and needs of current customers, regardless of how many new customers may be come to take their place, that's your guarantee it will survive and stay successful for years to come.

Always get feedback from your customers and use this to help improve your products/services for them. If you provide a good service for your customers not only will they continue to be your customers but they will recommend you to others. Now with customer feedback services as BetaEasy it's easy as never before!
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