Communicate with Project Stakeholders During Software Beta Testing Process
Dec 15, 2010

Beta management process is very important for your product developement that consists in communication with your project stakeholders and gathering their feedbacks. Term "stakeholders" is very general. Basically, stakeholder can be defined as anyone who has an interest in the project. Project stakeholders are individuals and organizations who are actively involved in the project, or whose interests may be affected when the project is completed. They may also influence the project’s results. The stakeholders of your project can be: the client, the user group, the project manager, the development team, the project testers, etc.

See How Easy the Beta Stage of Your Product Can Be with BetaEasy
Dec 3, 2010

If you ever had to go through alpha and beta stage while getting your product ready for the market - this article is for you. If you experienced that at least once than you have first-hand knowledge of how time-consuming and problematic it is. You understand how important it is to have your product properly tested before it gets to the final user. New online service introduced by MagneticOne - BetaEasy was created to simplify this process.