Communicate with Project Stakeholders During Software Beta Testing Process
Dec 15, 2010

Beta management process is very important for your product developement that consists in communication with your project stakeholders and gathering their feedbacks. Term "stakeholders" is very general. Basically, stakeholder can be defined as anyone who has an interest in the project. Project stakeholders are individuals and organizations who are actively involved in the project, or whose interests may be affected when the project is completed. They may also influence the project’s results. The stakeholders of your project can be: the client, the user group, the project manager, the development team, the project testers, etc.

Clients and end users are the most important project stakeholders for you. That's the target audience of your project. They may also serve as project testers. It's crucial to establish efficient communication with your project stakeholders and have them as your project's beta testers.

How can you organize effective communication with the stakeholders during beta stage of your project? And why do you need it at all? Let me answer that for you. Your main goal is to make the project successful. No matter whether it's a website, software, online application, etc. It has to satisfy end customers' needs.

Most of the time developers only presume that they know what their clients expect. But quite often they are wrong. One way to know it for sure is to ask the user. Best way is when your project stakeholders perform the role of beta testers. They can test the project when it's in beta mode to find out whether it has all the functionality they expect it to. It won't be hard for them to notice bugs and point out the functionality the project is missing.

To do it effectively and professionally you can use one of the beta management services available on the web. They enable you to manage beta testers and customers' feedback in a simple and convenient way. One of such services is BetaEasy. This web service collects all users feedback at one place. Besides the fact that it gives you full control over feedback and beta testers management BetaEasy has a number of other advantages you will benefit from:

  • Functional bug tracker
  • SaaS Model - trendy Software as a service model - no need to download or install anything
  • Flexible project policy - projects can be public, moderated or private
  • Advanced beta testers management system
  • Easily Integrated - service can be easily integrated with any website, online application, etc., regardless of programming language or e-commerce platform.

Having good relationships with your project stakeholders is a sure way for constant progress, improvement of your project. It's your joint success. Customers appreciate when their opinion counts and the suggestions are implemented. This will pay you back with gratitude and a number of loyal customers willing to make their contribution into further successful development of the project.

It's time to give BetaEasy a try. Discover excellent opportunities with this beta management service and give your project a chance to be successful!
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