See How Easy the Beta Stage of Your Product Can Be with BetaEasy
Dec 3, 2010

If you ever had to go through alpha and beta stage while getting your product ready for the market - this article is for you. If you experienced that at least once than you have first-hand knowledge of how time-consuming and problematic it is. You understand how important it is to have your product properly tested before it gets to the final user. New online service introduced by MagneticOne - BetaEasy was created to simplify this process.

BetaEasy makes your beta-testing process completely manageable and allows you to concentrate on your core tasks. The problem is that developers don't really know what the end-user actually needs. They know it very superficially. As a result the end-users get not quite the product they expected. In order to make product development and launch more efficient and to guarantee that end-product meets customer's expectations.

BetaEasy allows you to form the community of beta-testers who will test your product and leave feedback. All feedback is collected in one place - it makes much easier for you to set the priorities e.g. what bugs should be fixed first. The users can vote for the bugs so the most urgent ones to be fixed appear first on the list which gives you a great idea where to start.

Advantages of this service are numerous. Among the ones to be mentioned: collective solution of the problem. To great extent users will solve some of the problems they encounter themselves through public BetaEasy forums. This saves time for you and your support staff as well as your money. And, as was already mentioned above, BetaEasy enables you to collect all feedback at one place.

In order to start using BetaEasy user has to register with the service for free. Than he can choose whether he wants to use free account or select one of the paid accounts for extended functionality and additional features. BetaEasy service is quite flexible and allows you to create different types of projects: public (tested by anyone who feels like it), moderated (tested by group of beta-testers selected by some criteria), private (beta-testers are invited by managers or owners of the project).

This service makes it quite handy to manage beta-testers and feedback. White Label enables you to make BetaEasy look as you want it to, so that it fits your corporate identity. Another benefit of this service is that it has API Access. It enables you to easily integrate BetaEasy with any product and react to the events in BetaEasy and reflect them in the tested system. It makes it quite handy to receive information from BetaEasy such as: list of all beta-testers, bugs, bugs confirmed, etc.

BetaEasy is innovative online service which can be easily integrated with any website, service and other resources, with any software regardless of e-commerce platform or programming language. This service will make beta stage of your product development much easier and completely manageable.
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