Drive Your Software Product Development with BetaEasy Customer Feedback Service
Feb 25, 2011

In this article we will take a look on a new effective approach to customers feedback management during your software development.

Software product development is not an easy game as it is no one-time effort. For your software application (or web application or website) to excel in its relevant domain and let all the competitors stand behind, it is indispensable that your software development becomes an ever-going process. However, what is the key ingredient for this ever-growing process? Well, that is the customer feedback. Receiving constant feedback from the customers or the end users of your web application or desktop application plays a vital role in penning down the strategies that you must follow in order to bring your product to the top.

Reliable Beta Management Service - A Guarantee Of Stress-Free Software Product Launch
Feb 14, 2011

In this article we will take a look on a new effective method of a product beta management.

Before you launch any product or service you have to make sure there will be no faults when it gets to the end user. Therefore, every software product goes through alpha and beta stage to be properly tested. Software beta versions are released to limited groups of people so that further testing can ensure the product has few faults or bugs and the expected features. Sometimes, beta versions are made available to the open public to increase the number of feedback as well as the number of future users.

Manage Your Users Suggestions More Effectively with New Customer Feedback Service
Feb 9, 2011

In this article we'll talk about how to turn users' suggestions into improvements and show you more effective way to manage your customers' feedback.

The end users are the most important people when it comes to websites, software applications or desktop applications. After all, the success of your product depends on whether the end users like or dislikes it, whether it meets their requirements and needs, whether their assessment result was taken care of while designing the product or not. Now you know how much the development of a software application depends on customer feedback. So how can one get easy access to the minds of the end users to know their feedback on the website, web application or desktop application of which you are the owner?