Reliable Beta Management Service - A Guarantee Of Stress-Free Software Product Launch
Feb 14, 2011

In this article we will take a look on a new effective method of a product beta management.

Before you launch any product or service you have to make sure there will be no faults when it gets to the end user. Therefore, every software product goes through alpha and beta stage to be properly tested. Software beta versions are released to limited groups of people so that further testing can ensure the product has few faults or bugs and the expected features. Sometimes, beta versions are made available to the open public to increase the number of feedback as well as the number of future users.

Why is it so important?

Beta testing is basically done to assure the stability and the future first-rate performance of the software under different conditions. Main advantage of beta testing is that users or beta testers provide feedback to the developers and thus help in improving the software quality. Quite often developers presume that they know what the end user expects from their product but they are wrong. Having future users test the product is a good way to find out about their expectations and act accordingly.

How to manage beta stage effectively?

In case it's not the first time you launch a product than you are quite aware of the fact that this process can be quite time-consuming and labor-intensive. Product should be well tested by technical engineers to eliminate drawbacks as well as go through users acceptance testing to ensure customers satisfaction.

It used to be pretty messy. You had to collect the feedback from different sources (e-mails, support tickets, etc). Some of it would be lost on the way, some you would forget about right after reading it. That's not how it should work. It's time to be more serious about users needs as this may be the key to your success.

There are many web service available which offer more convenient beta stage management. They collect customers feedback at one place hence making it much more convenient to handle it. Enables to see top requested features and most urgent bugs as well as most active beta testers. Some of them even offer all of that for Free (the only required action is that you register an account).

Selecting a right service

Searching for beta management services on the web you can get confused by their variety. And it may be not that easy to choose the one which is going to work best for you. Thus, you need to make a list of features you would like the service to have. Let's try to make the approximate one:

  • Convenient beta testers management
  • Ability to see top contributors and reward them in some way for their interest
  • Centralized feedback
  • Feedback collected in one place, top features and urgent bugs shown first on the list
  • Users community
  • Possibility to create the community of users who vote on each others feedback thus setting the priorities
  • Flexible project policy
  • Enables you to set projects accessibility: public, moderated or private
  • API available
That's a great advantage of the service as this enables you to integrate service with tested product and reflect all the events

There may be more depending on your needs. Beta testing is essential in online software development to improve the overall functionality and quality of the final product. So take advantage of it. To try a reliable beta management service you can check BetaEasy. It has a lot to offer.
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