Use Brand New Website Feedback Service to Improve Your Site and Get Better Conversion
Mar 28, 2011

Are you a website owner, who is looking for an effective tool to manage customers feedback? Than you've got to the right place. In this article we'll talk about customer feedback service, that will make the interaction with your clients easy and beneficial for you.

As a website owner, it is indispensable for you to keep working on your website in terms of adding new features, sections, building more SEO, etc. All this is of utmost importance in order to meet the growing requirements of the end users of your website. After all, who does not want to grow traffic on their online link? However, have you devised a strategy that can record the feedback from the end users of your website and take that as the basis of your construction work on the website? If not, BetaEasy has hit you just the right time!

BetaEasy is a completely new and very effective customer feedback and beta management service that helps you to simplify your software beta testing and simultaneously collect the feedback from the end users of your website easily. Rightly called the website feedback service or the customer feedback service, BetaEasy is an extremely effective system that has gained excess popularity as a potential alternate to the very common customer feedback systems and software applications.

This customer feedback service integrates with your online store or website to help improve its working by receiving constant feedback from the visitors and end users of the website and understanding well the users’ expectation to improve the functionality of the website. In addition to this, this feedback service also helps to make software application testing easy by aiding in tracking some of the most annoying bugs on the website and fix those bugs in the first place. This way, this online service helps in improving the usage of your website and make it more appealing, user-friendly, easier to navigate and helpful to its end user across the globe.

Through BetaEasy, you can measure the drawbacks of your website against those of your competition and lay down strategies to help improving the website after analysing the constant feedback received from the end users. Is this not really a blessing in disguise? In other words, BetaEasy is a Web-based service that is developed to make the beta stage of any software application or web application easier than ever before. Because the feedback from the users are collected and compiled in one place, this website feedback service is very user-friendly and makes the feedback extremely convenient to manage for the owner of the website or web application.

Becoming part of this useful network is also very easy. All you need to do is the following:
  • Single Sign In: Using this, the users of BetaEasy can easily login onto the website if they have a user account. In case you are a new customer, you can fist create a new account and then start using the services of the website.
  • Auto suggests Existing Topics: This section provides you information about how to minimize duplicated topics along with giving you relevant suggestions at the same time.
  • Users Import/Export: This feature lets you export your relevant data to .csv file and bring it to use when needed.
  • Complete API: This feature makes your website or web application ready for integration with BetaEasy for further line of action.

Thus, BetaEasy is an extremely useful website feedback service that helps you by building your own community of users who can cooperate with you and help you in improving the quality of your website for meeting the client’s requirements.

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