Measure Customer Satisfaction with New Customer Feedback Management Service
Apr 13, 2011

In this article we will tell you how to always keep your customers satisfied using customer feedback management service.

Every website or software application needs a strong user base to let it enjoy the sun of the day. Whether you are the owner of a website on the World Wide Web or the developer of a software application for desktop computers, all you aim at is customer satisfaction. However, is that all? Does your work finish once you launch your product, and users start using it? In fact, no, because that is when the actual work starts. This involves the task of following up with the users and getting constant feedback on your website or software application. In other words, we mean customer feedback management service or simply feedback service.

Drive Your Software Product Development with BetaEasy Customer Feedback Service
Apr 8, 2011

In this article we will show how to turn user feedback into improvements using BetaEasy.

Software product development is not an easy game as it is no one-time effort. For your software application (or web application or website) to excel in its relevant domain and let all the competitors stand behind, it is indispensable that your software development becomes an ever-going process. However, what is the key ingredient for this ever-growing process? Well, that is the customer feedback. Receiving constant feedback from the customers or the end users of your web application or desktop application plays a vital role in penning down the strategies that you must follow in order to bring your product to the top.