Measure Customer Satisfaction with New Customer Feedback Management Service
Apr 13, 2011

In this article we will tell you how to always keep your customers satisfied using customer feedback management service.

Every website or software application needs a strong user base to let it enjoy the sun of the day. Whether you are the owner of a website on the World Wide Web or the developer of a software application for desktop computers, all you aim at is customer satisfaction. However, is that all? Does your work finish once you launch your product, and users start using it? In fact, no, because that is when the actual work starts. This involves the task of following up with the users and getting constant feedback on your website or software application. In other words, we mean customer feedback management service or simply feedback service.

Is there something on the Web that can help you collect feedback from your customers through an easy-going channel and collate it to get you a clear picture? Yes, there is and it is called BetaEasy. Beta Easy is, indeed, one of the most useful and extremely efficient customer feedback services and beta management services that lets you gather feedback from the users of your online link or desktop application.

BetaEasy is an extremely useful link that works equally well for both, websites and applications and also for classic desktop applications. This online service helps you in building your own user-specific community that cooperates well with you along with contributing to the overall improvement of your website or software improvement. The complete customer feedback is collected at one place, and priorities are clearly set and identified. This helps in converting the feedback into improvement of the application or website. Do you think you need more as a website owner? Isn’t it easy to get started?

This customer feedback management service is extremely simple in its work and very simple to understand. In order to start receiving your customer’s or user’s feedback regularly, all you need to do is create an account on the official website of BetaEasy for your website or software application. After this, you can start creating all your upcoming or current projects on the website and invite potential users to come and test the project and leave their feedback (reviews, suggestions, improvement areas, follies, etc.) on the website.

Using this very efficient online feedback service link called BetaEasy, you can actually create your user-specific communities that can communicate with each other, solve issues and problems collectively and also vote for each other’s suggestions. Through this link, you can receive firsthand information about all kinds of missing functionality and usability difficulties and also get to know about drawbacks that may prevail in your website, software, or desktop application. This also lets you create an ever-going conversation with your users and customers. You can also instantly react to the requests or suggestions made by your users and try implementing the suggestions and improvements according to some set priorities.

Because lack of response from the owner’s side discourages the users to come back, this online link is a great platform to let your users know that their feedback is much respected, and that it is of utmost importance in making the website or software application serve all the needs of the end users. If this is what you always wanted, this customer feedback management service (or simply customer feedback service) is just the right platform for you.
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