MagneticOne Team Conquering the Peaks of the Carpathian Mountains
Sep 20, 2012

MagneticOne Team is great not only at simplifying your e-commerce business, but also at having fun. Want proofs? Here you go!

One of the recent outings is our trip to the Carpathian mountains. Only last weekend we packed our backpacks, got into the bus and set off to conquer the highest peaks of the country. 

Two amazing days far off the beaten track, beautiful mountains and waterfalls of Western Ukraine, good company of friends and colleagues - what can be a better way to spend the weekend? We’ve spent the time chattering around the bonfire, hiking and trying delicious Carpathian food. Now everyone is full of energy and inspiration for new tasks. 

While we’re back to the usual work, enjoy our photo report:

Our DNS is Fixed!!!
Sep 18, 2012

We are happy to inform you that our website is accessible from anywhere in the world without any problems!

We remind you that for the last few days the website was unavailable in some regions because of the technical problems on the side of our DNS provider.

Now everything is fine and all the errors on the side of our DNS provider are successfully fixed. The services are working better than ever before, so your beta testing can be performed again without any difficulties. We guarantee you smooth, quick and secure functioning of our services.

We apologize for previous inconveniences. Thank you for staying with MagneticOne.


Sincerely yours,
MagneticOne team

Urgent Notice!
Sep 11, 2012

Due to the technical problems on the side of our DNS provider, the website can be unavailable in some regions. This may also cause some hurdles with e-mail delivery. Therefore if you need to send support tickets we highly recommend you to use this submission form.

Despite this, the service continues functioning smoothly and without failures and you don’t have to worry about your beta testing that is now in progress. It will be completed successfully.

We apologize for any inconveniences and hope that this didn’t affect your work. You will be immediately informed when the situation comes back to normal.

Many thanks and sorry for the inconveniences,
MagneticOne Team

50% OFF on New, Updated and Improved BetaEasy!
Sep 7, 2012

Breaking News! BetaEasy comes up, with a bunch of updates in design and functionality! From now on getting feedback from your customers and beta management have become even easier and much more comprehensive. 

Enjoy the list of improvements among which are:

  • Newly designed and optimized form that makes the process of leaving feedback even more convenient and pleasant
  • Screenshots option right in the feedback form*. Let your users make screenshots of bugs they encounter and problems they wish to solve directly from the form Support of of https that allows you to integrate BetaEasy with your website to the full extent. Note. This option is available only in Professional plan.
  • Support of https that allows you to integrate BetaEasy with your website to the full extent
  • New category of betaeasy feedback - Question, which is public and will transfer users’ questions directly from the form to your forum
  • Updated website design. Now it’s become even more user-friendly and attractive!
All this comes with the new price, reduced beyond any sane measures. Get all the benefits paying twice less money. Be the first to simplify software beta testing and collect customer feedback  right now at ! Don’t miss the moment, sign up and start collecting feedback from your customers right now!